bunnymeIf you want to know my heart, talk to me about my son Gabriel and my husband Conor.  They, of course, are the most important people in my life and inspire me to do what I do.

I consider my style to be simply reality.  Others have described my photography as fun, romantic, dreamy, and candid.  I’m obsessed with finding those in between moments that you would normally miss because you were too busy experiencing the moment.  I LOVE children!  I mean absolutely adore photographing kiddos!  It is really what makes my heart sing as I still have a HUGE fear of growing up.

I haveworked for an online video production company, managed a portrait studio, and now I own my own photography/graphic design business.  I started Dreamfocus Studio in 2010 and coined the name from my personal mission of “dream building.”

I’m also crazy enough to be pursuing a bachelor’s in Visual Communications while working as a stay at home mommy.   My graphic design skills have enabled me to make some really cool stuff for my clients including wall layouts, album designs and other print products.

If you have made it this far  than we should probably meet.  I look forward to more photo adventures and dream building with YOU!  Let’s PLAY!